Natural Rug Cleaning in Christchurch

When it comes to any kind of specialist rug cleaning Christchurch, great care must be taken to ensure that no damage is caused to intricate detailing, colours, patterns or the fibres themselves. We are the top cleaning company in the area with over 20 years of experience in the field and have the ability to clean both on and off site utilising the latest in cleaning technology and non-abrasive chemicals to ensure a perfect result every time.

Persian rug cleaning Christchurch

Regardless of the type, shape, size or material of your rug, our team of specialist cleaners will collects your rug, take it off site and provide a quality clean that is second to none. We deal with rare, antique, natural, Persian, woollen or textured fibre rugs and no matter which one you have, we ensure the same level of care for each and every job we complete.

The Method

For all rug cleaning in Christchurch, after collecting your rug, we will take it to our warehouse where it can be professionally treated, cleaned and hung to allow natural drying. Using a light brush, we will first revive the pile and weave within your rug before using a strong vacuum to remove the deep dirt and surface dust. We then wash with a warm water and chemical compound that breaks down grease, bacteria and suborn dirt before rinsing and repeating if necessary. We will then leave the rug overnight in our drying room to allow a natural drying natural rug cleaners in Christchurchprocess which will avoid cracking, especially useful on older rugs. A rotary brush is then used to freshen up the pile once try which revives the colours and texture of the rug and restores it to near new condition. We pay specialist attention to the intricate fibres, tassels and detail of the rug to ensure the perfect finish is achieved and that the rug looks and feels like new again.

Christchurch rug cleaning is performed by our team of in house specialist cleaners. Regardless of the size, colour, texture or make of your rug, we will have it cleaned in no time. Just simply give us a call today on 03 741 4465 and let us do the rest. We can give an accurate quote over the phone or if you prefer, fill out the contact form to your right and well get right back to you.