Flood Damage Restoration Christchurch

If you have been in the unfortunate situation whereby your home or office has been flooded, worry not as professional help is at hand. The clean-up following a flood can be a costly affair and that’s why our esteemed expert company have tailor made a range of flood damage repair services in Christchurch to get you back on your feet without breaking the bank and more importantly, we act fast to avoid any further, longer term or irreversible damage to your carpets, furnishings, walls, ceilings and wooden floors.

flood damage restoration Christchurch

Whether your property has been flooded by faulty plumbing or whether you have been a victim of a natural disaster, you will need urgent assistance to ensure that your property is properly cleaned. You should seek emergency flood damage restoration Christchurch within 3 days and if possible, the drying and clean-up process should be started sooner to avoid irreversible damage. Our powerful water extraction machinery will help to rid excess moisture and aids a faster response to drying carpets and floor repair in Christchurch.

flood damage repair ChristchurchWe are experts in Carpet Drying and use high powered truck mounted machines to get to the root of the issue fast. In extreme cases, the carpets may need to be removed from the property in order to get the drying process underway quicker and in some instances, the underlay will need to be removed also. We will dry your carpets off site in our facilities if necessary and will provide expert carpet layers to help reinstall the carpets, using carpet stretching techniques where necessary to ensure they fit perfectly.

You should in all instances of flooding, no matter the severity, seek immediate professional advice regarding electrical systems to ensure they are shut down and that all oriental or Persian coloured rugs are removed and dried asap to avoid damage. DO NOT try to vacuum the water yourself as this could cause serious injury, instead call the best Christchurch flood damage restoration team on 03 741 4465 and let us do the rest.