Mattress Sanitizing in Christchurch

As part of being a quality & affordable cleaning company, we are pleased to now be offering a wider range of services including mattress cleaning in Christchurch. Having a clean mattress ensures that you get the best night’s sleep, will eliminate nasty bacteria that can cause asthma or illness and will ensure that bed bugs are kept at bay. We can use hot water and chemical dry shampoo to effectively remove germs and bacteria from your mattress leaving it clean, dust and dirt free, odourless and good as new.

mattress cleaning Christchurch

mattress sanitising ChristchurchEnsuring that you clean your mattress on a regular basis is essential to your standard cleaning routine. Not only should you regularly change your bedding, duvet and pillows, you should ensure that Mattress Cleaning in Christchurch forms part of a deep clean every 6 months. Bed bugs and other insects love the deep pile in a mattress and once infested, can spread quickly and can be quite uncomfortable if bitten.

Our cleaning team can perform a deep clean or mattress sanitising in Christchurch very quickly and cheaply. If takes less than an hour and involves a strong powerful vacuum of the mattress and the bed followed by an application of deep cleaning dry shampoo and finally a hot water extraction or steam clean to make sure all the bacteria is fully cleaned and sanitized.

Our services for mattress cleaning are particularly popular for tenants moving into or out from a property and also used widely by landlords and owners of multiple property. For a fresh smelling, beautifully clean mattress, call our team today on 03 741 4465 and speak with a member of the team today.