Quality Stain Removal Services Christchurch

Over time, it’s possible for our carpets, rugs and upholstery to become stained or to gather spot damage, discolouration or other damage that you may have thought was not removable. We are expert stain removal Christchurch specialists and using industry leading methods and chemicals we are able to remove any stain, or any size no matter how stubborn it may seem. If you have recently noticed a stain or have had one for a while that’s starting to look unsightly, contact our team today and we will be happy to assist you further. Stain removing often requires specialist attention so to avoid causing further damage, it’s advisable to call in a professional company.

stain removing in Christchurch

stain removal ChristchurchWe can actively tackle any stain no matter what has caused it in your home or office in Christchurch. Pet urine, red wine, food spills, chewing gum, oil, blood, water stains or stains left by plant pots or furniture. Using a mixture of stain dissolving chemicals that are tough on carpets but non-toxic to us, we will treat the area in question, applying two or even three applications if necessary to ensure that the stain is gone for good. Using a brush, we then work the area, concentrating deep into the pile using an auto rotary brush and then finally applying a stream clean to the stop to finalise the area and fully sanitise the carpet.

Stain removal Christchurch is performed by a member of our fully trained, certified and qualified cleaning technicians who will come highly recommended to you based on the level or nature of your issue at hand. We ensure a quality finish every time and nothing gets left until we are 100% satisfied we have done our job properly. Whatever your requirements might be, simply give our team a call today on 03 741 4465 and well do the rest. Say goodbye to stubborn stains for good!